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Japanese Lesson Update Week 4

I just finished my 4th week’s lesson and all the sudden I feel like the learning is about to get serious. Why is this? Well. we started to talk about Hiragana with Diacritical Marks, Transcribing Contracted Sounds, double consonants, and finally long vowels.

My instructor directed me to new course materials.

Genki -An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Book

Personally, I found the Diacritical Marks the ga,gi,gu,ge,go… the hardest to pronounce. That is because it doesn’t pronounce like a G, but another sound that I can’t quite describe.


Japanese Lessons Update Week 3

I feel like I am at a plateau. Since I asked my instructor to start me from the begining. My progress is faster because I’ve been self studying with lots of different apps. However, I do not feel like I am making huge progress right now. This week we are close to finishing the original sounds for the Japanese phonics. It was easy for me since I’ve already know most from studying from the different apps.

I am hoping that this is a build up week and I have to keep myself motivated so I don’t slow down my learning momentum.


Japanese Lessons Update Week 2

So I’ve been working on learning Japanese. I had my second Amazing Talker lesson this past Sunday and it was great my 50 minutes lesson just flew by. Even though I am just going over the basic phonics with my instructor, I’ve learned that I’ve been pronouncing a lot of different Hiragana characters incorrectly. My instructor was extremely patient and encouraging. We spend a lot of time working on my writing and pronunciation of the characters, we also worked on a few new vocabularies based on the characters that we learned.

Overall this is a baby step week.

Japanese Resources

First online lesson

Few years ago, I decided I want to take some Japanese classes, so I decided to sign up for an intro Japanese class at the local community college. I thought that would be a great idea and was hopeful to jump start my language learning. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The problem with learning from CC instructor, was that she was teaching the language to Americans and she was teaching the language using romaji only. With works sound like Chinese, it really was very difficult. So when I am ready to try again, I want to find an instructor that can speak Chinese (from Taiwan), English, and Japanese. The reason for the three language requirement is because I think this will be the best to help me find the short cut to pick up the new language. So the question is how do I do that?

Enters Amazing Talker !!!

So there are couple of online language learning sites, but I decided to go with Amazing Talker because of my research based on youtube. Also because of the number of Taiwanese Chinese speakers that are instructors on Amazing Talker. So with that said, I signed up for a trial and gave it a shot. So yesterday was my first lesson.

The first lesson was only 25 minutes instead of 50, but it get you an introduction to the instructor. As I stated in my previous post, I’ve been self studying the Japanese phonics for a while and I thought with my flash cards and APPs I was doing well. However, when I was working with the instructor, I realized that I don’t know anything. I guess it is the pressure of speaking in front of another person, I would panic and stress trying to identify the characters and sounds.

All in all the first lesson ended pretty quickly, mostly cover the basic sounds and also did some basic writing. The instructor provide homework to work on my writing skill and understanding skills. As for the effectivensess of Amazing Talker? I don’t know yet. I will keep you guys updated.

But if you want to give it a try yourself, try using my link below. The link will give you $20 credit which means intro session will be FREE!!! and it also give me $10 credit so I can continue my quest!!

CLICK HERE FOR $20 to Amazing Talker!!

Japanese Resources

Learning tools for Japanese

So the year is 2019, I don’t have to learn Japanese like it’s 1985, that was when I was learning English. (with flash cards and listening to cassettes over and over. So let’s look at some of the modern tools that I am currently using to help me with my quest to learn Japanese.

The current immediate goal is to able to read and understand the basic phonics, in other words, read Hiragana (平仮名) and Katakana (片仮名).

So I decide to do the following:

Duolingo – app on my iphone
MEMRISE – 2nd app on my iphone

I am using the free version of both apps currently. I am still seeing if it is worthwhile to do the paid version or not. Stay tuned for an update.

Flash Cards
Originally, I was planning on doing some old flashing index cards, but since I had some printable business cards, I figure why not create a flash card with these printable business cards and guess what, they turned out amazing!!! So the best part is that the PDF is below and feel free to use them.

Also if you need the printable business cards, just buy them below.
Avery Printable Business Card (5871)

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Update (7-23-2019):

Flash cards!!!

Learning Japanese

… Few years later … 🙂

So I’ve been thinking about learning Japanese for few years now. I even bought 3 books in the past about learning Japanese. I even took a intro to japanese class in the local community college, which was a total waste of time. My problem is that I am a native Chinese speaker. Alot of the Kanji are easy for me and I am having a very hard time switching my mind to Japanese.

With some motivation recently, I decided to give it a go. I mean, I got my PE and CISSP by myself. I am sure I can do the same with Japanese. Ok maybe it will be like tennis I need some help from tutors and coaches but I think it is doable. So I will try to document my experience here similar to my previous CISSP experiences here in Cert Circus. The difference is I am not going to take any exams. I don’t need that kind of stress in my life. But I hope my experience, will be helpful to others. Please feel free to leave comments to let me know if it was helpful.

So as with all things, everything should begin with a goal!!!

MY GOAL is going to Japan at the end of 2019! I want to understand Japanese while I am there. Now, the detail of that goal, is floating, but that is the ways to start.

So what’s the game plan??

1. Learn the Japanese Phonics (Hirakana, Katakana)
2. Get an online tutor and work with them weekly
3. ???

Just kidding of 3 and 4… I think 3 and 4 is really TBD (To Be Determined).

More to come soon!!!

… so for I know when I created this site, it was designed for technical certs, and even though I am at the stage of my life that I want to do more than improving on my technical certs, I think this is still a good place to update my adventure.