CISSP Updates

CISSP training 2 months later…

So it has been about 2 month since I seriously started to study for my CISSP exam.   I am about half way there.  I am planning to take my exam in November which is only 2 and half months away or 10 weeks away.    This post is an update of what I am doing for my study so far.

As you are probably aware from my previous posts, I am using the following books and resources for my study.

Primary: Shon Harris’ CISSP All in One book

Secondary: Eric Conrad’s books both the study guide and the 11th hour cram book.

I am also using DreamVoice as my primary text to speech reader to get me through the huge amount of material in Shon Harris’ book.

I was also doing the IT Masters free short course on CISSP, which I just took the final exam last night.


I started to use  as a way of tracking my progress and my level of understanding.

The bad news is based on my current assessments, I’ve been getting an average around 70%.  Which in the school world it is a C and in the real world it is not good enough to pass the CISSP exam.

The good news is, I still have 2 months and most of what I missed are sections that I haven’t read or studied.  I am hoping that by the time I get to October, I should be able to get 80% or higher on most of my practice tests.